2007 Conference

precise secured loans

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The conference brings together the secured lending companies, banks and building societies and those involved within the secured loan and finance lending sector.

The aim of the 2007 conference is to establish the current market positon and where the market is heading into 2008 and beyond.

A full 2007 secured lending market review

Discussions will be held on the results from the review of the 2006 conference and a presentation on how we see these results changing in the future. The team from precise mortgages will be lending a group discussion and presentation on how they see the future of the secured loans market and what impact new regulations will have on the market, secured loan brokers and introducers.

Secured Loan brokers and introducers *

We will be holding a special presention and information evening for secured loan introducers and brokers who service the secured lenders or for those who will be doing over the next 2-3 months. Here you will have the opportunity to meet some of the lenders and we’ll be holding a Q&A session where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to the panel and get straight answers to your most pressing questions. These sessions will run from 2.30pm to 7.30pm in the “B” conference hall near the entrance to the building at car park 7A. * Tickets must be obtained by prior approval and within 48 hours advance.


“This is the 3rd time we have attended this event and we found both the quality of information on offer and the presentations both very worhwhile. As loan introducers the conferences give us the opportunity to ask questions and get an insight into what is happening within the market place. Steve Bailey, Lloyds

“The conference provides a very unique opporunity to get the lenders, brokers and introducers together to discuss the market, current practices and how they see the future. I would recommend. Jason Barlow, director at Lending Expert

“This meeting provides a perfect opportuity to discuss the latest consumer advice on loans and lending in general. Sarah Blackwell, Money Advice Service

Contact, sponsorship & tickets

Email: conference@ammas2007.org
Tel: 0161 950 5000